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Because, I’ve been working on Travis’ case ever since it happened. “Fear hath torment.” Knox and Arias were both devastated and maddened when their manipulations with others which had worked for a long time failed them.

And I know exactly what happened, how he was killed. And just recently we found quite a bit of evidence, and I’ll discuss that with you. At the same time Knox was also beginning a love affair with knives and power, the power of freedom and far from homeness, the false sense of having plenty of money and all the drugs and men she could want. She’d begun working the night shift in a bar and her frequent walk home in dark streets when the seedy are out drunk may have decided her on the need for knife protection.

After about 1/2 hour of Jodi talking nonsense, Detective Flores tries to get Jodi to give a timeline and direction of her travels. Flores: So, you took this trip and you left on Monday the 2nd until Thursday? t that moment Arias instinctively realizes she has been tricked and has not been given real sympathy for her own pain.

He makes several attempts, but Arias keeps trying to divert the topic away from Travis and his death. She seems to start off building a bond with Arias in a smooth and truthful way by empathizing as a female with the pain of relationships that break women’s hearts, but then right as she has Arias wanting to talk and to respond, she talks too much and presses too fast for the thing she is really after, a confession of murder.Knox was only ever interrogated once, on 17 December 2007 (at her own request), in a couple of hours, so I also draw on some of her other statements. But when it was put back, Solly’s foot was at the other end, pointing away from the sink instead of towards.Most of what Jodi Arias says is just babbling and rambling, a trait common to Knox. You don’t use a bathroom sink with your back to it.However, there were many gems from this questioning. In fact phone records showed the Postal Police showed up about 15-20 minutes before he made the call. Chimera, this is a masterful comparison of two young women who were coping fairly well on the surface and who had plenty of intelligence but who were destroyed on the inside.It is chilling to watch, but if you can, do it, and ask yourself if that isn’t another ‘‘Knox’’ performing there. Flores: Is there plenty of time for you to do this? And do I believe that you had come to visit Travis? It was later discovered that Knox and Sollecito had turned off their cell phones (something they never did), during the time of the murder. The disappointments of life threw them over the edge when they faced people they couldn’t control, people who criticized them, people they also had to envy. All their inner pain had turned to seething repressed anger and they didn’t realize it at all until their explosive response to rejection by someone they lived with in the first stages of adulthood.

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However, when Arias finally does testify, she is cold, sarcastic, and testy. ) I imagine if Amanda Knox ‘‘had’’ been formally questioned without lawyers, it would have looked something like this. (pointing on map) () Arias: It was under the passenger side of the front seat. Flores: When you were lost, you couldn’t have pulled over and found it? Flores: I’ve been focusing on why your phone turns off here, outside of Los Angeles ... In Peugia, the police had noted a discrepancy in Sollecito’s timeline. They also know that Meredith died after a long barbaric attack by three (this had zero aspects of a burglar attack or rapist attack, it also was pure rage) and Knox & RS showed signs of joy right up to their arrests.

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