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Yet, Copeland is determined to stand by her own daughter, no matter what.“I’m never going to turn my back on my kids,” she said. Potts said above all Sheltering Grace is a safe place.In addition to the chapel, there is office space, a commons area, a classroom, a beauty salon, a commercial kitchen with adjacent dining room and more than a dozen bedrooms for the mothers.Class topics include finances, life skills and anger management.And it’s not just between two people in a romantic relationship, we’ve had 18-year-olds receive domestic violence from their parents and 70-year-olds abused by their adult kids, too.” For the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, there were a total of 188 reports of domestic violence in 2016, but only 87 resulted in specific charges of domestic violence, eight in other charges and 93 saw no charges. Source: National Resource Center on Domestic Violence and EVE Inc.

Potts has been studying early childhood education online and plans to continue that endeavor.

The typical client seeking services is 18 to 40 years old, pregnant with few or no resources, family support or prospects for self-reliance. That cut the staff budget by 50 percent.” After the building was gifted, Archbishop Wilton D.

Several staff members of the new maternity home are working, in the spirit of missionaries, either pro-bono or receiving simple stipends. Gregory visited the facility to dedicate its Mary Mother of God Chapel last April.

“I actually rebelled against good people who tried to help me.” Bell said many of the women served by Sheltering Grace have suffered childhood traumas.

Parenting classes and Bible study help change generational patterns.

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