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Moonlight Dating Sim involves playing as Jenna Moonlight, a young lady who is half vampire and half witch.

What's interesting is that you get to choose from one of 8 possible endings, depending on how you play the game.

The type of man you encounter and the way in which you can win his heart is determined by a 'personality quiz' taken at the beginning of the game.

Don't worry - you won't spend several minutes of your life wasting time answering questions.

How you build and manage these attributes will greatly affect your success or lack thereof with this game.

Like with Naruto Dating, there's an attribute system, but it's far less complex. This game is like Anime Sim Date, in that you must choose the right answers to progress.

Unlike that game, however, Kaleidoscope allows you to do other things like collect and sell mushrooms, as well as buy gifts for your date.

Hetalia Dating Sim Canada Interactive Hetalia Canada flash dating sim game about a boy named Alfred who send you on a bind sim date with hid brother,so you sincerely hope that this one is better than Alfred F . Here's a few tips to spend your date with better love results: When you are on the couch, you hold onto his arm, rub his leg, and then grab his curl.

When you are in the bedroom, you can rub his legs or go for his shoulder, which makes him take off his shirt.

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