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Trump would like to be rid of Sessions, and Sessions might very well like to be rid of Trump.

So, if the President becomes the #1 cheerleader for Sessions as a write-in candidate, it could solve a whole bunch of problems all at once.

Greg Gianforte, a Republican technology executive who was charged with assault on Wednesday night, defeated Rob Quist, the Democratic candidate, in Thursday's special election for Montana's at-large Congressional seat.

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Finally, Moore's base is pretty much Trump's base, and siding with the establishment against their candidate will not please them.

To explain these seeming contradictions and the difference between his view of the meeting and Papadopoulos' view, he said his memory was imperfect.One thing completely absent from the hearing was any suggestion from Democrats that Sessions should resign for lying to the Senate. As long as Sessions is AG (which might not be much longer; see below), Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein will oversee Mueller and is unlikely to fire him even if the president asks him to do so.(V) At this point it is very hard to predict how the Senate race between embattled Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones is going to end.The first option is to bow to pressure from GOP muckety-mucks, and to call on Moore to drop out.Trump campaigned against Moore in the first place, so clearly he saw some advantage in not having a loose cannon in the Senate.

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