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Depending on your exact situation with hardware and data, you may find that simply reindexing the tables is faster than UPDATE STATISTICS with FULLSCAN and possibly a better option.I apologize for mark down but you have no idea what you are talking about.

Is there any SQL hint that could improve performance? EDIT: This query will be run once and then never again.You spawn a thread to post a message to your UI, and when you are finally on your UI thread, you call Application. Unfortunately, the number displayed is not the number of items currently processed, but the index of the item that happened to be processed in the moment the timer event is raised. This can be done by using The only point I'm trying to make here is you can determine when it makes sense to determine your progress through you loop.And, as these loop iterations are on background threads you will need to marshall the GUI control update logic back onto your main (dispatching) thread.which i find strange, since i can move the application window (it doesnt lock up) - so why wont the label update, and how can i alter my code to better support Parallel. Ive been searching for a solution, but i cant seem to find anything (or i maybe searching for the wrong thing? Regards Simon I don't know much about this but could it be something to do with number of threads allowed? For is taking them all up and not leaving any for the event to grab then that could explain the behaviour.But I'm not really sure about this so its really just a wild guess to hopefully inspire somebody who knows more.

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