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But The Dating Workshop and Eastman’s other classes, including Body Language Explained and Deception Detected, are designed to help.“I promise you,” says Eastman, who has a blue-eyed baby face but speaks with the quick cadence of an Aaron Sorkin character, “in about a year and a half, my name will be synonymous with body language.” , told the story of the years he spent with professional pickup artists learning how to seduce women.

But emotionally incongruent people can also come off as odd, and that can hurt them on dates. Then you can change.” It might be a creepy move to set up a video camera on a first date, but Eastman will approximate the experience for you in his workshop by filming you talking to your classmates.

Much of Strauss’ strategy entailed nonverbally conveying self-confidence.

Eastman, however, didn’t come to the study of body language to get laid.

“I can feel people making assumptions about me,” says a guy in the back row who wears a blazer over a plaid shirt. “Like, I tell people I went to Harvard, and I can tell they’re thinking I’m a douche bag.” Eastman nods, watching him for a moment. “Well, you do have a little douche baggery to you,” he says.

The room, including the Harvard graduate, erupts into laughter. (Later, he tells me that the “douche baggery” he picked up on stemmed from a disconnect between the arrogance in the Harvard graduate’s words and the insecurity apparent in his body language.) “What’s cool in the world of dating,” he tells the group, “is that no one’s ever telling you how they feel.

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