Eclipse updating links to source folders

This means that the raw_input() should usually be used as raw_input().replace('\r', ''), and input() should be changed for: eval(raw_input().replace('\r', '')). id=179628 And details at the old Py Dev bugtracker:

func=detail&aid=1595998&group_id=85796&atid=577329 Basically, Ctrl [0-9] does not work if a Ctrl Shift [0-9] is also set. This bug is closed in the Py Dev bugtracker, but the bug was added on other places such as gnome and eclipse.

If it still didn't work, the usual culprit is the PYTHONPATH environment variable (because this specific variable is managed in Py Dev based on the interpreter configuration and source folders for a given project and dependent projects), so, try to create a script with the following contents: And run this script from the command line and from within Py Dev to check if it's the same in both cases, if it's not, configure the project or interpreter until it matches.If at this point you got it to work, you may want to go to the interpreter configuration environment tab and select the environment variables that are important so that they're always the same when launching for your setup (so that you don't always need to run Ecipse from that command line shell).Now, if after this point, you still haven't been able to make it work, it may be time to ask on (with a Py Dev tag), showing the stacktrace you have and a screenshot with your interpreter configuration and a screenshot of the Py Dev Package Explorer (with the source folders showing and expanded 1 level).If you're on windows, press Ctrl Break to get a list of all the running threads (which should be attached to the bug).Note that you may have to increase the buffer of the console to get all info (so, in the console open the properties menu -- Alt Space -- select the 'properties' and in 'screen buffer size: height' raise it to something as 9999 -- and only then press Ctrl Break) On Linux (and other unix variants) that info is gotten with kill pid --QUIT NOTE: See the About for the proper places for general questions, development questions, etc..

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p.s.: You may also want to check that you're not shadowing a name from the standard library or some library you use (for instance, the standard library has an email module, so, you shouldn't have a top-level email module in your own project -- likewise for other top-level modules or packages in the standard library or libraries you use, such as django, requests, etc).

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