Dating up or down

Contrawise, on a long enough time horizon, every story ends in tragedy.

It is also helpful to note that during this time, I was at still in first blush of youth - a few years out of college, filled with brazen and unrealistic cocky ambition of what I can accomplish, arrogant to the point of delusion, and impervious to feedback/advice.

Perhaps it's a wealthy uncle/friend-of-a-friend who inexplicably allowed you take his 0,000 sports car for a spin around the neighborhood.

All you can do is pray you don't crash the car, or pop the clutch and embarrass yourself.

Her: a former Miss Hong Kong pageant winner/finalist (take your pick), B-list actress/model/TVB television personality.

In her prime, she was courted and pursued by the super-Alpha kings of Hong Kong: A-list movie stars, million-record-selling musicians, property tycoons, CEOs and power brokers at the apex of Hong Kong society. Just a visual representation of another MHK of equivalent beauty)Me: At the time, a Mergers & Acquisitions Analyst at an investment-banking firm - an easily-replacable cog in a financial behemoth, four years her junior.

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