Dating for the poor

Well, I can for certain say it’s not money, it’s his passion for helping people, nature and photography which is what brought us together in the first place.I have yet to tell him where my parents live nor have I brought him home to meet them.I don’t know what it is like to come from a poor family but the more he tells me the less interested I believe he will be in my life.

The circle of rich and poor that keeps on going and going until YOU stop it.

I was far from spoiled though, at least I thought so.

My boyfriend on the other hand had no curfew, no chores besides closing his bedroom door and hasn’t seen much of anywhere in Canada.

I feel like I am living a lie not telling him my parents are wealthy.

I do understand that their wealth has nothing to do with my bank account but it’s more about the lifestyle shock that worries me.

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He talks so deeply about his upbringing and financial struggles that I tend to dance around mine.

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